Radical “to the moon” thread




Anybody noticed that our volume on reliable thrusted exchanges is at the bottom?

  • All trading pairs at gemini only 20,000 $
  • Bitfinex all together around 330,000 $
  • Bittrex all pairs around 85,000 $
  • Coinbase Pro 200,000 $
  • Kraken all pairs ~250,000 $
  • Poloniex all pairs ~ 100,000$
  • Binance way down too on the ZEC pairs…



yes, zcash markets are illiquid again. lack of news (6 months+), and 0 marketing will lead to unexcited markets. illiquid markets have kept me from investing more $ into ZEC (sure i’m not the only one). glass 1/2 full outlook: in the past volume seems to drop before an announcement as insiders stop trading to avoid accusations of “insider trading”.

one thing that does irritate me a little is zcash foundation backed an XMR conference whilst not spending a dime on marketing. people have been complaining about this since 2017.


I took a look onto the past volume/price ZEC/USD* past charts at Poloniex and Bittrex.

The pattern seems to be that after very low volume the price either raises or drops further. I couldn’t identify a pattern that very low volume days are followed by an increased price.

However, we will see what will happen.

I fully agree with the 0 marketing issue and i wonder how much of the funds are available for the marketing team and what they are doing at all.

We have pretty good technical updates on technical development but about 0 on marketing development/updates/whatever. This seems to be currently Zcash’s weakest point and i wonder why there is no improvement at all…


I’m going with ‘glass half full’. Its anyones guess what might be brewing after their tour of Asia.


: ) lack of zooko twitter posts could indicate something’s going on.


yeah, maybe he is calculating how many Ycash shares he will get personally. (Just kidding)





You should have posted the whole post (see below)…

Seriously, i like Zooko and there are a lot of fields he is top notch, but market analyzing/understanding for sure not. This twitter post is like a tragic-comedy …


we’ve defended $66 on several occasions. that’s actually a really good sign.


Would like to see you say "we defended 660$":sunglasses:


always said one of the greatest dangers bitcoin faces is becoming a highly monitored wall garden.

“Bounced coin from wallet to wallet. Made multiple transactions with multiple companies. They still sniffed out where some of it went. Am I silly or is that ridiculous?”
from r/ bitcoin
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this is unacceptable for a global currency. they don’t just track your exchange wallet, they cluster all your addresses.


bitcoin continues in current form; BTC will become a tool of oppression


cannot wait until we hit those levels. i really do enjoy going back and reading older posts. this is a great example, and was only a couple weeks ago.


That dude totally failed at being your Happiness Hero!!!

That is like your bank saying you can’t cash your check there anymore because you took the cash from them and legally purchased marijuana in your state because federally it is against the law. Damn Terms of Use!


Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location in South America… my node has 83 connections.

Its been increasing slowly all week, usually when the number jumps its followed by a selloff but this is different.

Must mean more wallets spooling up, so more users & interest. The game is changing.

(Edit: Its a good idea to run a public node!)


Isn’t it reverse actually?
The less wallets/nodes online the more connections each gets.
The more wallets/nodes online, the less connection each gets.


Its the slow & sustained growth that caught my attention rather than the total number.

Could be several things - less public nodes, more private nodes, or nodes staying online longer.

The number of public nodes hasn’t changed much over the last month so it looks like growth to me. Just my humble opinion of course :slight_smile: