Radical “to the moon” thread


Good choosen nickname by the way, fits good, and welcome to the forum …


I saw as well 3.100 to 5.400 USD with even more newer hardware released in this time span than ever bevor …
I’am not going to argue with you anymore on this one. It doesn’t make sense to argue about market driving factors if someone thinks that the main and most important factor is the release of hardware… Just waste of time …

Maybe this topic fits better to discuss your asic market ideas: Let’s talk about ASIC mining


3100 to 5000 was whale investor fat fingering buy offers across exchanges.


nobody “fat finger” buys +$100M across several exchanges simultaneously.


$64 is the number to watch. we’ll be in good shape as-long-as we defend $64.



Anybody willing to give a price prediction for July and December?



may/june- $120-300
july - $80-90
dec - $500
july’s number’s based off normal summer slump, but this year might be different if some of the institutions come through this summer like i think might happen (BTC ETF, bakkt, nasdaq, etc). double those numbers if institutions do come through.



A new milestone reached :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think we have Hodlonaut to thank for that :wink:


Thinking about stuff that’s lining up -

  • Halving
  • Zcon
  • Onchain scaling (Zooko’s recent comments, Daira/Nathan on the ECC AMA, Zcon presentation schedule)
  • ZECBTC downtrend has flattened
  • Ycash fork

I’m an incurable optimist, but its so tempting to go ‘all in’ right now.


also this!
“zcash to become as programmable as ethereum.”


Im optimistic too, just bought zec😏 no doubt that the price will catch up too…




possibility of interactive oracle proofs is one of the main things that makes me excited about zcash! cool stuff, if you’re looking for some light reading ; )


also, what’s starkwareltd’s upcoming snark-friendly hash algorithm?

just found out this exists


I have a feeling that all this cool stuff happening, will lead us somewhere…nice😎