Radical “to the moon” thread


I rarely check the Nodes explorer/map. For the last week there have been 265 unique nodes online.
I’am not sure if i rember it correct, but some weeks/maybe months ago when i last checked i think there have been around 450 unique nodes online/active. (No garantee, can’t remember the exact number!!!)


This is really interesting actually. What does a normal week look like for your connections? Any ideas on why or just basic google searches, etc?


But it looks indeed like there are a bit more active adresses these days and increasing …
Could indeed be that the raised connections on your node reflect an increased wallet usage/wallet installs…

Edit: Wrong graph !!!


Maybe active addresses is the best signal for a “bottom”. :sunglasses:


Normally its around 50 (+/- 5), the node is up 24x7.

A spike (over 70) has often been followed by a price drop and usually only lasts a couple of hours.

There have been events with more than 100 connections but these were all coming from Tencent hosting in Bejing - eventually I blocked them.

Its never stayed this high for this long before & as an incurable optimist I’m declaring it a ‘good thing’. Think we have ZECwallet to thank for this.


Posted and commented the wrong active adresses graph in the last post, sorry. Here the correct one:


Do you check against the nodes map and stats at to see how many nodes are online when you check your connections? I would be curious to see if the node amount is in any relation to your connections amount.


I check that occasionally but just from curiosity, there’s normally around 430 nodes ‘seen in the last month’ which always seems low to me.

It might just be an internet topology thing, in S.America there’s just me & someone in Paraguay on the map - although node selection/connection is probably random.


I never thought about the node selection, node connections or whatever related to nodes.

But when i readed your first post about the increased connections my personal logical thought was:

The less nodes are online the more connections each of the remaining nodes must get to secure the network. Or reverse, if there are more than enough nodes online than the less connections each must provide for a secure network.

That’s just my simple theory, hence i’am asking how the connection amount per node is related to the overall amount of nodes…


Yeah - its interesting, but I dont have enough data to prove things either way.

Think there’s a strong correlation to the ‘number of wallets online’, a normal node connects to 8 peers & each of those connections has to be a public node.

I don’t think the number of public nodes changes quickly. There’s extra configuration needed (port forwarding) most don’t bother, those that do are more inclined to run 24x7 (probably).




New hardware involved, maybe antminer z11







Zcash is the coin providing people with full anonymity, right?
I’ve heard they were being investigated or something, because the authorities couldn’t control money transfers and that seemed very suspicious to them




Interesting report: https://twitter.com/TuurDemeester/status/1118927995211796481


thanks for the stickers @sonya! very cool!