RagerX - RandomX mining platform

RandomX topic by @mistfpga looked very popular, so I think there is a large interest in CPU miners on this board. As such I would like to link to a sponsored article about miner that I’m co-making.

Enjoy! And happy mining.

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I would love to take a look.

feel free to PM me. I have done quite a lot of work on my own randomx miner, mainly for older hardware (I am not a great coder, but I am really good at assembler) - all my stuff has been done for academic reasons tho.

It would be nice to have a few conversations about mining again.

It never clicked that you are the same fireice_uk that I see in the xmr mining community.

RagerX, 17 days and counting without a block found even with bought nicehash every day. But great sponsored article tough. Great Job Fireice_uk, true legend!

Thanks for the snarky comment :roll_eyes: You will be happy to hear we found one today. Smaller pools don’t find blocks daily.

How to cash out in coinmine.pl

Do I get pay out for mining zec

I run cpu on rx for monero

Okay, I have looked a little bit more into this.

I have the hardware to do a 7 day test v ragerx, windows xmrg and Linux xmrg (I don’t like xmrstak)

I can cover quite a few different setups.

I will probably do some deconstruction of RagerX to see what it is actually doing. noting too advanced.

I will post here or on the community board in the next week or two.

@fireice_uk do you have a bugbounty program?

For a security issue in RagerX? If you found one feel free to PM.

I was more saying that I will look for them, bit they take effort. will this effort get suitably rewarded?

Yes, while there is no official bounty I don’t mind paying out few hundred usd in zec if you find something :slight_smile:

Keep in mind “something” doesn’t mean every single false positive on an automated vuln scanner - we get a guy like that every month or so.

I promise you I am not that guy. :slight_smile: feel to prod me on forms, I can be a bit slow.