RE: Monero False Flags

Exactly both of you… I’m cautious of becoming susceptible to emotional manipulation. I won’t say by whom. I can only hope everyone on here has a good head on their shoulders to see a spade for a spade and not be taken advantage of. As someone who comes from a pretty strong historical and political background, I see everything for what it is. I know the kinds of things that people who have been historically and politically been blind to have eventually succumbed to too. But it’s not for me to open people’s eyes. For all I know, ZF doesn’t care about ZEC holders despite our emotional and physical investement in them lmao.

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Friendly reminder to everyone to take some times off. Go out, enjoy the sun, pick up your favorite console.

I think a lot of people here is misunderstanding each other and accusations of any type doesn’t help anyone, especially not Zcash.


If the conversation continues to veer off the topic, I will close this thread.

Cheers folks!
Have a good weekend :roller_coaster:


Opinions are my own but please do.

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Alright. If anyone has concerns about ZF and its commitment to Zcash, please reach out to me. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Have a wonderful weekend Zcash Fam. And please remember not to to attack innocent contributors to the Zcash space while at it!! That would honestly be great and impressive!!! :wink:

Best, Winfred.

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I won’t lie, Shawn leaves and I’m gone too. I joined ZF due to my willingness to contribute to financial privacy. But tbh, I’m not in the need for money. I’m not saying this for the first time either. So mark my words, Shawn leaves, and I strongly consider leaving too. Enough with the bullying by prominent leaders that I no longer have respect for.

This thread is closed as most of the latest reply is not related to the topics:

If someone would like this topic to be re-opened, feel free to reach out to mods. Have a good weekend everyone!