Monero reacts to moderator change in /r/zec. Is it true that this forum was created to increase censorship?

I don’t see anywhere in that pasted conversation where they mention that this forum was created to “increase censorship”? If censorship was actually the reason they could have just censored on Reddit (a sub they control) as easily as any other platform.

@zooko reasoning at the time for closing it was that they didn’t have the time/manpower to properly mod it and here so they decided to focus thier efforts here instead.

Zooko also posted an archive of the sub in the wayback machine for future reference:


they tried to not have a reddit and be able to censor discussions. So they made r/zcash private and directed everyone to their private forum

That argument doesn’t make sense. The only way to get in trouble on Reddit is not censoring enough (and thus allowing content against Reddit-wide rules). I have never heard of a community getting in trouble for things they moderate, as opposed to things they don’t - example /r/the_donald.

But hey, hello to my fanclub ( @sgp ), I guess.

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I really don’t understand why this post by @random_throwaway is here. Its only purpose is to cause drama.

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I think you are observant enough to notice the question in the title. Can you please stop trying to manipulate me into a side in your petty drama with fireice_uk?

The question has been answered. If there are no further questions I’ll close this topic.

I think this topic has ran its course. Thanks for both your answers @Shawn @fireice_uk

I hope /r/zec grows well under new management, Zcash needs more presence on social media.