README for Mac OS X porting dev environment

Here’s my new README for setting up your dev environment if you want to help out with the Mac OS X port. I’ve gotten all the dependencies to build and have modified build machinery in place in my fork (and a fork of libsnark that builds on mac with gcc!!), but have hit the wall with C++ issues that are beyond my ken that the Zcash core team at ZcashCo don’t have time to address right now as they are hip deep in launch issues with Sprout for the original linux release.

If you follow the steps at:
to the letter and still have issues, please post here or email me at

I’ve got some paid custom zcash integration work to do, and don’t want the weeks of work on this by myself and @Mugatu to go to waste!!!


Thanks, I will try right now!

I just pushed a needed change to the v1.0.0-mac-gcc branch in my fork at that tries to patch libsnark with a
local file from my machine that is not needed, as that file already is
pushed to my libsnark for mac fork at
GitHub - radix42/libsnark: libsnark: a C++ library for zkSNARK proofs which is used by my build.

sorry if you gave it a whirl before now and it puked at that point!

I’m applying a patch right now from the zcash issue tracker that get’s around some errors compiling a handfull of files that are being troublesome on Mac…the users that had the same problem were on less common linux variants that use versions of gcc that are similar to that used by brew

I’m blocked here (from about 15 minutes):


it seems the situation was resolved, I just had to wait … now it’s still working to compile it (obviously received few errors).

Well, maybe its better to install the depends with brew formulas?

No, the versions of boost and many other dependencies are NOT the right
versions for building zcash…trust me, I’ve been at this for WEEKS now.
The packages I list to install from brew in my readme are the only ones you
want to use from brew. That “Fetching boost…” line can appear for quite
a while, I"ve built zcash dozens (hundreds?) of time on lots of platforms
the last month, just wait it out (its pulling a tarball from


Unfortunately this did not result in any difference if where the zcash build fails in src/ :frowning:

Last message

./zcutil/ line 48: cd: /Users/redsn0w/zcash/depends/x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0//include: No such file or directory

and the the process stopped, so I guess it didn’t compile right?

hm, its having trouble building one of the dependencies

Now I’m trying again from scratch, I hope this time it will compile it.

Its NOT gonna successfully build zcash, that I know…this entire thread is intended for experienced C++ coders to try and lend a hand figuring out what’s failing in the build, as parts of zcash are currently very dependent on the c++ build environment and compiler version that the zcash core team use on linux.

I have the same error.

./zcutil/ line 48: cd: /Users/arsen/src/zcash/depends/x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0//include: No such file or directory

How to solve this error?

I’m anxiously waiting on a response from someone who, in another thread last night, reported (screenshots and all!) a successful build of my port on their powerbook, and what tweaks they did to finally get there. So sit tight a few, and we’ll hopefully have news soon!