Announcing Zcash For Mac OS X

Please see my announcement on twitter:

We need your support to continue work on this for binary packaging, which is non-trivial, and to continue work on our Windows port. Links to setup guides and source will be posted later today after the Zcash 1.0.1 source is finalized and merged into the OS X version. The source in the Mac branch of my fork currently needs a small change before it will build on OS X versions other than El Capitan.

Donations in BTC to: 1AsoFtYfV2mCpCS98Qf3ytKs8y9VSzZ4V5
ZEC to: t1TWmmTSNoWeMSxBV2TzypxGe1gtKcY2ruQ
Fiat to: PayPal.Me

I’m not a ZcashCo employee or contractor, and after working on this for free the last month full time I am down to $100. Please contribute and let’s make this happen!

Thank you,

David Mercer
Tucson, AZ


Well done! When you get it working on the other versions of OS X see if Shawn will pin this thread for you.

Uploaded a signed mac miner bin for mac :slight_smile:

Earlier today I updated the build script to auto-detect what release of OS
X you are on and to use that as the build target. I haven’t gotten any
feedback yet on attempts to build on non-El Capitan releases of OS X since
that went up.

Please post that in mining threads, or in one of its own

The point of this port isn’t mining, its so that Mac OS X devs have a native fullnode to embed, and for users who want a native fullnode wallet running on their machine completely under their own control.

Radix42 thanks for creating this for Mac, I’ve just successfully set it up on my El Capitan mac.

But I’m really new to cryptocurrency, thus I’m very confused. You’ve basically added Mac support
for the Zcash client, and the Zcash client is like my local wallet that I fully control. I can run this client
on my mac, which means my machine will help validate transactions on the network.

Do I now need to setup something like the Zcash miner on my local mac in order to mine zcash properly?

And how come my local zcash client is saying I’ve contributed 0 Sol/s to the network solution rate?

There seem to be no resource for beginners like myself to use when getting started with Zcash and I’d really appreciate someone pointing me towards resources that a complete beginner like myself can read.

The solutions/sec is how much you are contributing to the network when
zcashd runs in mining mode…it is the reference implementation of a
miner…not the one with tons of speed, but the official, stable, tested
thing everyone else needs to be compatible with. The zcash wiki at
Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub has the “1.0 User Guide” and the
“Mining Guide” to help you get started.