Reduce zcashd cpu usage or: a light-weight, scriptable wallet out there?

Hi all,

I have just installed and started zcashd as I want to be able to monitor my balance and make payments from the command line.
Now zcashd consumes 150%+ cpu. Is there a way of reducing the cpu load while still being able to issue transactions?

I did not enable mining (no gen=1 in zcash.conf).


EDIT: I could rephrase the question to: what's the most lightweight wallet that allows monitoring balance and sending transactions via an api (web, rpc or command line)?

that's crazy cpu usage when not mining! when the blockchain is synced, I don't see very much cpu usage at all, on linux or mac, either when just running command line or with the Swing Wallet (java wallet, runs on linux or mac).

Its probably still syncing the blockchain, after its done it WILL calm down to very little cpu, I promise! You can watch its progress with the command:

tail -f ~/.zcash/debug.log

When the UpdateTip: new best=..... log entries have a date= that is current, things will calm down.

-David Mercer
Tucson, AZ

Thank you for your answer. Indeed the cpu usage is now very low, as expected, after some time. I should have though of the blockchain syncing, but then on the other hand zcashd does not produce any output on the console..


If you start zcashd without arguments in one cosole it should produce some useful live statistics. Then open a second console to use zcash-cli