Regardless where you are in the world, if you know someone that does ZCash in New York City tell them to show up at the courthouse on March 28, 2019 at 1 pm

Dear ZCaash enthusiasts,

Please share with anyone that you know that does ZCash. This is the mother of all Crypto lawsuits.

The twitter account to follow: You can join the telegram group AbolishTheBitlicense for live updates that that.

If that is the case and you know someone in New York City, let them know to show up at the courthouse on March 28, 2019 at 1pm .

I was in Queens the other day and a business was advertising their online Blockchain course. I went in while talking to the organizers, I realized that their news came from Bangladesh and they had no idea what is happening across the river. They were versed in Bangladeshi regulations but not in the New York one. I see the same thing with communities from Africa, Latin America, Central Asia.

I am sure that no matter where you are, you talk with friends in the ZCash space in New York City that don’t participate in the Manhattan ZCash scene.

We need the judges to see that the room is full of people concerned about the legal future of cryptos in general. The message is to tell them to pause and thing about the case.

The court room cannot be empty like what happened in Florida in the Espinoza case. We need the court room full of people!

This is the mother of all mother case right now. The question at hand if to know whether I have the right to sue to the State of New York over the Bitlicense regulations.

Please share with anyone that you know that does Ethereum.

Theo Chino

Bit liscense actually works with Zcash just so you know
But good luck!

Yeah, the Winklevoss actually paid the governor of New York $130k.

The point here is to destroy the New York Bitlicense. The question at hand will be whether I can sue the state of New York.

The hearing will be like this one that took place on March 6th where the question was if the Winklevoss were public figures.

If the argument holds water then you don’t need anyone

I don’t know what to tell you.
I heard that argument and then it really changes when defendant are in front of the judge all alone. I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

I dont understand your garbled sentence but if your saying opinions of mobs take precedence to court testimony in swaying a judgement, then I’m sorry but you’re mistaken

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Oh nice it’s some impenetrable-to-the-layman legal action pushed by the irrelevant Bitcoin Foundation :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean, maybe it’s a worthwhile case, but I’d never be able to tell.

@Autotunafish: I can see that you don’t like the concept of sticking together or working as a community. Cool by me.

@Blinky: Everything is explained on the website.

This is an analysis that a lawfirm in New York gave on why they think I will lose:

But we knew we were going to lose:

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Im all for challenging existing policies
I question what “you’re” doing because I don’t understand what the intention is

Is this the same thing as the grant you requested two years ago?


Well it doesn’t seem like they’re really challenging the Bit liscense (probably better there wasn’t anybody there, they would have been upset)