Release v1.0.9 postponed 1 week

Hi all,

Our planned release date for v1.0.9 has been 2017-05-16, as we stated in our Release Cycle and Lifetimes post. However, I’ve decided to postpone this release by one week targeting 2017-05-23. We do not plan to shift back any subsequent releases, so we plan to release v1.0.10 on 2017-06-20 along the standard schedule.

The primary goal for this release shifted, due to network performance issues which Zooko describes in this forum post. A further complication is that we had begun a continuous integration upgrade prior to the network performance incident, and we have not ironed out all of the issues there.

Moving forward, my highest priority is to stabilize the continuous integration environment, then to merge benchmarks that provide measurements directly relevant to the network performance issues. At that stage, we will be in an solid position to evaluate which potential performance improvements address our actual network dynamics. Note that although we brainstormed and even prototyped several short term ‘work-around’ fixes to the performance issues, I have decided to exclude those from our 1.0.9 release, and instead to focus on longer term improvements.