July 28, 2017 - Dev update

Release cycle and 1.0.11
We continued our discussions for refining the release process this week and decided to extend the release cycle overall by 2 more weeks starting with 1.0.12. This puts us in a better position for having adequate time to do a release candidate and proper testing before the full release. The last couple of releases saw delays due to lack of time so we’re adjusting the cycle now to avoid having more last minute postponements. We’ll continue to do retrospectives on the release cycle for any other adjustments that may help us.

The 1.0.11 release is currently scheduled for this Monday, July 31st but might slip another day or two. We finished up reviewing and merging pull requests for the RC which should be ready shortly, however since we intended for the RC to be out yesterday and there’s a chance that testing will take longer than expected or bugs will be found, there’s a chance of a release mid-next week instead. We’ll keep you all updated on this thread with concrete decisions.

More progress is being made on XCAT and this week a test transaction between Zcash and Bitcoin test networks was successfully executed. Currently the demo requires full nodes with synced blockchains so the next step is working on an implementation that can use light clients. We intend to have an internal meeting on this next week to demo the process further and figure out the last steps before we release a working version for the public.

More discussion happened this week about the Sapling upgrade, particularly in relation to asymmetric payment construction (#2277.

We also released a first in a series about Sapling: “Cultivating Sapling: New Crypto Foundations”.

We’re starting to look into another round of security audits as we want to maintain a regular schedule for auditing the core code.

We set up a clearer communication channel with Poloniex for future issues that they might run into or for any support they want to request from us. Our announcement related to the recent Poloniex downtime is posted here.


OK. Everything is cool but this community wants to know few things.

  1. Is there an iOS mobile wallet in tunnel?
  2. An android wallet.
  3. Desktop wallet that does not requires you to download entire blockchain

Trust me. Community will be more happy to hear about those three things.

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As a developer, I can just dream about self adjusted release estimates :slight_smile: But I totally agree, that extra week or two is more favorable rather than bugs in production. Good to know!
Also I want to say, that it is very good sign for cryptocurrency, when dev team and community is so exited with their product. Keep it up! :wink:


See: ZCash Thin Wallet

I think people need official wallets. People generally feel more safer using them.

Is there an ‘official’ bitcoin thin wallet?

Zcash is a new currency compared to bitcoin. We need official apps like Dash android and iOS app. You saw the awesome effect iOS app had on Dash’s price just few days back. While I love and hold ZEC, there is no denying that Dash has much more active community and hype behind it due to which it surpassed ZEC’s price too. I still think Dash is a bubble that can explode any moment but they have excellent official apps which have definitely helped them getting an edge over other altcoins.

That’s as valid as saying, ‘The federal reserve didn’t give their blessing to this internet banking software therefore it’s not fit for use.’

your not alone with that thought. I would really enjoy some stable and official apps and also a rework on the website wouldn’t be bad, the current design is really not that impressive . Zcash has some really big potential and the devs are busy with other stuff, understandable.

Sooner or later what’s going to make a the difference is going to be loading times and simple and effective layouts.
Thinking about the average consumer here, not us crypto fanatics.

Dash community is exact opposite.