Reminder - Ashkan Soltani at Zeal Call next week (Tues, 4/27)

For April’s Zeal call, we’re joined by special guests Ashkan Soltani and Robin Berjon. We’ll talk about Global Privacy Control, a universal signal transmitted over HTTP that lets websites and publishers know a person’s privacy preferences. While GPC is not a finalized standard, it is already protected and enforceable under California’s privacy law (CCPA) and supported by a number of browsers, search engines and publishers. We’ll talk about the history of web standards for privacy controls, how they work and trends to look out for.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Ashkan Soltani is an independent technologist, consultant, and policy wonk. He was formerly FTC CTO and an Obama WH Senior Advisor. Robin Berjon is in charge of Data Governance at the New York Times.

Date/ Time: Tues, April 27th, 17:00 UTC
Livestream Link: April Zeal - Special guests Ashkan Soltani & Robin Berjon discuss Global Privacy Control - YouTube

See you there.