Zeal Calls - blockbuster guests for April, May 2021

Happy Spring Zcashers!

We have three blockbuster speakers lined up for April and May. We’re also trying something new - livestreaming the community calls instead of a Zoom webinar. Hopefully, this means more people can attend, enjoy and engage in the discussion.

All calls are the first Tuesday of the month at 17:00 UTC/ 11 am MDT/ 1 pm EDT.

Zeal calls are now livestreamed. Subscribe to ECC’s youtube channel for alerts.

Don’t forget March’s Zeal call is next week with special guests Yan Zhu from Brave and Jay Graber, founder of Happening.net.

Tues, April 27: Ashkan Soltani & Robin Berjon, Editors, Global Privacy Control

  • In this Zeal call, we’ll talk about Global Privacy Control, a universal signal transmitted over HTTP that lets websites and publishers know a person’s privacy preferences. While GPC is not a finalized standard, it is already protected and enforceable under California’s privacy law (CCPA) and supported by a number of browsers, search engines and publishers. We’ll talk about the history of web standards for privacy controls, how they work and trends to look out for.

  • Ashkan Soltani is an independent technologist, consultant, and policy wonk. He was formerly FTC CTO and an Obama WH Senior Advisor. Robin Berjon is in charge of Data Governance at the New York Times.

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Tues, May 25: Julia Angwin, Editor-in-Chief, The Markup

  • In this Zeal call, we’ll cover The Markup - a ground-breaking nonprofit newsroom that investigates the impact of technology on society. The Markup’s investigations are meaningfully holding big tech accountable and empowering everyone from representatives in Congress to everyday citizens to better understand the role algorithms play in their lives. We’ll talk about some of the Markup’s tools such as Blacklight, Citizen Browser and SplitScreen.

  • Joining us is Julia Angwin (!!!) Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Markup. Julia is an award-winning investigative journalist and author. She was previously a reporter for ProPublica and The Wall Street Journal.

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