Reminder - Gardening Club March 2

The next Gardening Club is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2nd.
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We have two main agenda items in addition to community project updates at the end:

Lessons from OpenBazaar : Brian Hoffman will share his experiences about the opportunities and challenges of running a decentralized e-commerce platform. Brian was the CEO and co-founder of OB1, a company focused on building software for OpenBazaar, a decentralized peer to peer marketplace for global free trade using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Gemini Viewing Keys Tutorial : The Gemini team will give a brief tutorial on Zcash viewing keys tutorial and they incorporate viewing keys into their products.

Zcash Open Source Project Updates : Are you working on a Zcash open-source project? Feel free to share an update and a request. These can be quick informal updates or more prepared presentations as long as they are under 5 minutes each.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 19:00 UTC.
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Brian will make a great guest. Unfortunate that you chose Zoom and are alienating those that would otherwise be interested

Hard pass on attending because of your chosen venue being toxic in the many in your intended audience.