Results of the Nov 2022 ZCAP Poll

The results are in!

In response to the question “Which of the following candidates do you believe should be appointed to the Zcash Foundation board?”, ZCAP voted as follows:

  • Jay Verret - 59 votes
  • Kurt Opsahl - 58 votes

There were 14 absentions, which means a total of 131 ZCAP members voted, out of a total of 163 (80% turnout).

The Zcash Foundation board will now consider the result of the poll, and meet with @ProfJWVerret.

I want to thank both @ProfJWVerret and @kurt for their enthusiasm and support for Zcash! As I’ve said before, we’re incredibly lucky to have two such well-credentialled and qualified people interested in serving on the Zcash Foundation board.


Thanks to everyone who voted, and congratulations to JW for his victory. I‘m honored by all the votes I received, and look forward to continuing to work with the Zcash community in other ways.