Community Nominations to the ZF Board (2022)

We have published a blog post inviting nominations from the Zcash Community for the Zcash Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Nominations should be made here on the forums, under the Governance category, in the form of a new topic titled “X for the ZF Board”. People may nominate themselves.

Nominees must explicitly accept the nomination, and should post some information about themselves, and why they would be a good board member.

Community nominations must be submitted by 23:59 UTC on Monday 17th October 2022.

The deadline for nominations has now passed. A community call with the two candidates will be held on November 9th, after which an advisory poll of ZCAP will be held, closing at 09:00 UTC on Monday November 21st.

The ZF board will then consider the results and meet with the candidate who receives the most votes.


A reminder that the deadline for community nominations is 23:59 UTC this coming Monday 17th October.

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Nominations are now closed. We will coordinate with the two candidates to schedule a community call, and announce the rest of the schedule in due course!


We announced today that @ProfJWVerret and Marta Belcher have joined the Zcash Foundation board.