Who hasn't voted in the ZCAP poll? (Nov 2022)

Naming and shaming…

Vote early, vote often! (But only your last vote counts!)


What’s the TLDR for the ZCAP poll?

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Candidate Call:


this worked on me


Thanks for the reminder :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! Thanks for the reminder, I watched the thing but I actually thought that I’m not eligible for voting in this poll, because it asked me to log in with google or github.

You’ll find the information you need to cast a vote in an email from Helios Voting Bot (no-reply@mail.heliosvoting.org).

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I finally voted due to being reminded on Twitter :sweat_smile:

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Matthew Green
Ayo Akinyele
Plyush Sharma
Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer
Vladimir Dinev

Colleen Swanson
Alexio Sanchez
Aaron Chambers
Jordi Baylina
Caleb Naylor
Josh Harvey
Gerald Nash
Saleem Rashid
Jesse Fornear

Ida Tucker
Christina Garman
Chris Tomeo
Vanishree Rao Rao
Vitalik Buterin
Luke Parker
Timothy Khoury

Theres actually a few more but with 10 [at] limit and 3 post heres the rest but wont ping them. Somebody help pleez

Madison Parks
Peter Van Valkenburgh
at nuttycom
James Burrell
Kobi Gurkan
at Souptacular
at LeCryptoMath
Ying Tong Lai
at teor

Madison Parks
Peter Van Valkenburgh
James Burrell
Kobi Gurkan
Ying Tong Lai

And if you haven’t voted because you don’t know who to vote for here are some things you might looks for in a candidate…


I dont support the AI but thank you @GGuy!

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Thanks for the reminders, @Dodger and others.

I was on leave for the last two weeks of December, so I didn’t see your reminders until today, after the poll had closed. It’s pretty standard for people to take two weeks of leave, particularly this time of the year.

So I have a suggestion for future ZCAP votes:

  • Extend the voting time so polls last for 3-4 weeks

(There’s a holiday in almost every week somewhere in the world, and people take leave at other times of the year as well. I didn’t want to favour any specific cuture or holiday period, so I tried to suggest something that would work regardless of the time of year the poll is held.)