RIG photos (show us your rigs)


JUST LOOK AT THOSE PSU’S! 4 PSU! 3x 750W and 1x1200W, Ha!

It’s just a temporary situation. Will update on final solution :smiley:

I hope that you have good house insurance :slight_smile:

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my first mining computer


Looks good, buttonless you’ve got all of those cards going at 150% TDP, that’s overkill on the PSU. Buy a 1300 and save your 1600T2 for something more manly. :grin:

Or he went for peak electrical efficiency

I buy one more card

and use msi afterburner power limit 82% and Core Clock + 180


Does everyone use add2psu for multiple PSUs connected to one rig?

My CPu/mobos are powered by a cheap atx PSU, my GPUs/risers are all powered by high efficiency 12V server PSUs. Completely separate (common ground).

I use my own simple circuit for power control of all.

The server PSUs really are a huge cost saver. Parallel miner sells, in my opinion, a great breakout board and cables. $109-159 for 2400watts@94%eff +16-24 cables (240v supply).
You can’t touch that price or durability with standard ATX supplies. Even being refurbished the supplies are going to be more reliable, and easier to replace if they do ultimately fail.

Thanks for this. Can the server PSU power GPUs from multiple boards (one board can only fit 6 GPUs)

Yes. As long as the motherboard turns on after the 12V to the cards I’ve had no problems with booting.
When using the USB3 type risers there is zero need to power the mobo and gpus from the same rails. the power is handled entirely by the riser card and pcie aux. the data is all lvds.