RIG photos (show us your rigs)

thought i would start off the age old tradition of posting up some rig pics. We only have 7 rigs mining Zacsh at the moment with each card working at 10 sols but everything seems stable, going to experiment a bit today and try mining on Windows.


Nice. I see UK plugs. Can I ask how much your paying for electricity?


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Moved a rig into the bedroom to double as a space heater… had some powerline ethernet modules that were no longer being used, so I opted for that over wifi card.

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Here are some photos of my new consolidated rig. I had taken cards that were spread across a number of machines and made this.

I had purchased my open air frame and ver 6 pcie power plug risers from @cryptomined.

The frame is stackable and I will be building another rig quite soon.


Here photos my Mining RIG , working with Ehos and claymore Zcash :heart_eyes:

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My Fury Rig. :slight_smile:


Heres my rig. It’s not much of a mining rig yet. Just my gaming pc. with a 1060 6GB in there.
Hitting 280sol/s. gpu fan at 75% temp hasnt gone above 73c.

Going to be purchasing a 1080ti for my friend to mind with me in the next 1-4 weeks.

Gonna build a 6 gpu soon was wondering if I can use the same wallet address for 2 miners?

You can point as many miners as you want at the wallet.

Awesome thanks nekkidtruth.






6x 1080 Tis with 3x 1070s and waiting 3 more 1070, but i think i will just add one more 1070 and will leave it like that.


I have just one Rig, I call it the Hashwall :rofl:

160 RX 470 4GB cards, mining a mix of ZEC, XMR and ETH (max 168 cards, a few removed for repairs).


that big ass wall must put out some serious heat lol

Too many organized rigs on this thread :joy::grin:

The folks in Westeros have need of a new wall, I hear. Perhaps you could help?

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