What have you all done for multiple rigs of 6/8 GPUS?

So i am new to this and not sure exactly how many rigs ill be able to run around my house before rigs start popping breakers.

Currently I have a couple of mining rigs for burst set up but I will have one 8 GPU rig done here in the next week or so. Then another 6 GPU rig. All running on 120v.

How are you all running your multiple rig setups and how many are you able to get up and going? I live in Florida so power SUCKS .13kw... so just trying to figure out the best way to do this.

ALSO has anyone in Florida or abroad used a data center to host their rigs? I am not opposed to 150/200 a month if I could stack all my rigs up inside of a cabinet.

Thanks for any info!