Russian? (DONE!)

Anyone who can translate English into Russian?

It took half hour to translate Zwallet into Spanish, there’s not much to it. Volunteer by PM?

EDIT: Done!! Many thanks :slight_smile:


For any native Russian speakers who are familiar with Zcash/crypto terminology and want to vet it, here’s the link: Add Russian locale by macintoshhelper · Pull Request #3 · hhanh00/zwallet · GitHub

As I’ve commented in the PR, there should be an official source of truth for Zcash terminology in other languages, such as shielded address, etc, i.e., with JSON files that can be imported or converted by different localisation systems. This would help with localising other apps like ZecWallet, and they could be published to npm and other package managers.

Also, having translations of the would be great! SEO/result quality of searches like zcash russia / zcash españa isn’t great. Maybe should create a new forum thread about this?


Thanks for your contribution! There is a Russian board in this forum. Would you mind asking for help from them?


I’m ready, send it

Reposting the links here from my thread in the Russian board:

Russian: Add Russian locale by macintoshhelper · Pull Request #3 · hhanh00/zwallet · GitHub


In Russian, the preposition “about” is not used by itself. Be sure to add a noun: for example, “about wallet” - “о кошельке”; “about us” - “о нас”.

“accounts”: “Счеты” - incorrect, it is better to use “Аккаунты” and in this case “account”: “Аккаунт”,

I will edit the rest of the phrases on GitHub.

@1337bytes It’s such a cool idea to create a reference book of Russian-language terminologies. Thank you very much! You can always count on my help. I am currently on vacation at the sea, but I am in touch.

Some of the meanings of the expressions are still unclear to me without context (for example, “newSnapAddress”: “Новый Щелчок Адрес”,), but when I can test the wallet, I will check everything according to the meaning.


Thanks a lot! I’ve invited you to the forked repo:

I was a bit stuck on About, I wasn’t sure what it was referring to. I think “О Кошельке” - “About the Wallet” would work :+1: . The About locale seems to refer to this text: zwallet/ at 4e2a9bdc87fbd918930b8d38706276de0c527c67 · hhanh00/zwallet · GitHub

“одноразовый адрес” would probably work (disposable/one-off address).