RX 5700 XT mining problem

Hello miners,
first, sorry for my bad english, here is my problem.
I bought a new graphic card, RX 5700 XT (small upgrade from RX590) and i have problem with mining. With RX590 everything worked “well”, but now i can’t found any way for mining with this.
I know, the problem is old claymore miner, but i can’t start mining in “optiminer” too. The optiminer see RX 5700 XT like “GFX1010”… wtf? I know, i doing something bad… but… what? :smiley: Or i must use another miner?

Please, can anybody help me? I want to continue mining…
Best explanation as simple as possible.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Picture from OptiMiner


Current you cannot GPU mine zcash. it is an ASIC coin. you will lose money

edit: looking at it, you should have native Ethereum support. just mine that and swap it for zec. at least that way you are not losing money. - even with free electric. (in this case the loss is considered against what you could have got on another coin and swapping.

Secondly there is no miner for Ethereum or XMR that supports 5700 gpu series, the drivers don’t fully support compute yet either. (the drivers still are an issue tho, but you should earn some ETH which you can swap for zec.)

I don’t think you can get this to work, the drivers don’t fully support compute and no mining software will implement 5700 support for zec (whilst its still an asic coin). you are losing money by mining zec on a gpu.

look at teamredminer but even then, they probably wont implement XMR support, try it and see. XMR is a decent second choice for a privacy coin. but I think you will earn more with eth and swap than xmr and swap.

I just did this, set up eth on a 5700, so I can help you if you need it. good luck.