How Do I Mine ZCash On A 6950?

Hello, I have 2 6950s and I can’t get them to mine ZCash. Anyone know why? Thanks

Windows? What miner?

Windows 10, Genoil’s Miner

You can’t mine on that GPU with any miner. I’ve own a few.

Hehe I’ve just spent the last two hours trying to get mine to work using all the major miners - Claymore, Genoil, Nicecash - and they all fail. Claymore fails with the error "GPU Returned incorrect Data, and also had the message “not enough GPU memory” at the beginning of the screen.

The others didn’t work either.

I then swapped it into my other miner that has an AMD 7800 series in (which works fine mining Zcash) and verified that I get the same error. I guess this card’s mining days are over. It did a couple of years making Bitcoins so I guess it’s earned a rest.

I don’t know any other cryptocurrencies that are worth throwing it at now - I think those it would work with are already ASIC compatible and thus blow it out of the water.