RX480 best windows 7 x64 drivers?

Hi. I’ve read that best performance from RXxx cards is on Linux as you cant use 15.12 drivers with these cards.
So anyone found the next best thing? I’ve tried quite a few versions from 15.x to 17.x and all seem a bit meh
Your advice would be welcome!

Currently mining with stock configuration on an ASUS ROG RX480 OC 8 GB. Driver is the regular Radeon version 17.3.2, mining at 240-250 Sols/sec with Optiminer 1.7.0. Getting a better PSU tonight and additional card (same make). Interested to hear about other driver experiences, but am pretty much stuck on Windows 10 and x64.

I got somewhere with this using 16.12.2 drivers and Claymore 12.4 and flashed with Anoraks RX480 Memshift Bios and now getting 330h/s which is much better than the 240H/S I was getting before!!!

I just switched to Claymore and am currently installing the very same drivers. Second RX480 and Corsair HX i850 PSU just arrived too! Preparing the system for Claymore now.

All set up and now running at 616 H/s with Claymore & 2x RX480. I need to dig more into how to fine tune it.

Some pictures :slight_smile:

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