Radeon Pro Duo best Win10 Drivers?

Hi all.
I have a pair of Radeon Pro Duo’s in my main work&gaming rig. They’re outstanding cards.
I am disappointed with their Zec performance however as I know they should be pulling 1700+Sol/S yet they’re only managing 1460 sol/s.
I know this is due to driver. I can’t use 15.12 as they do not recognise the cards at all. I’ve tried a few newer ones including the latest 17.2.1 and no dice, still poor hashrates.
So anyone know a magic version of more modern drivers without using Linux, or am I stuck?

Ok guys I figured it with a lotta googling. Have now got 16.3.2 for Win10 x64 and had to use Claymore 12.4 and now getting 1872H/S with 2 cards. That’s more like it!! (was getting 1463 H/S with optiminer).

Very nice!!!

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is that 936 stock or o/c?

Stock, 1000 / 500 -50mv. 41% fan 58 degrees GPU temp. Very nice and quite quiet!

And consumption? is from Saphire o XFX?

XFX. Each card uses about 500w standard or 430w undervolted.

Nice, glad you figured it out. I have a Radeon Pro Duo myself (Sapphire, it’s stock) and I’m running 16.3.2 myself, on Windows 7. I get 433+428 h/s using Claymore 12.4, Claymore sees them as two separate cards for me, does it do that for you too?

Yeh it’s basically two R9 nanos soldered together in crossfire which is why windows sees two cards.

If you change the power meter in MSI afterburner to +50 you’ll get faster hashrates because as standard the r9 nanos throttle the clock speed down under 1000 when at full load. Putting +50 power lets them run at 1000 all the time. This was because R9 nanos the small heatsink and single fan couldn’t actually handle running flat out for long pereods whereas the water cooler on the duo can run all day full pelt no problem.

I’m running +50 power and windows 10 is a bit faster than windows 7, hence me getting 474 & 474 hashes

Right, I knew that it was essentially two nano’s put together. However, I just thought it would appear as one card, as I noticed that most people who posted their hash rate with this card put down one figure instead of xxxx + xxxx, so I thought perhaps my setup was off or something.

Thanks for the tip with the MSI afterburner and doing +50.

I’ve got 2 of these running on a 1000w psu undervolted -85 using after burner with -powlim-45 -i 7 but the 2nd (3rd,4th) gpu drops hashrate after a few mins

you added information/question to a thread that was 26 days old… It would be helpful to start yourself a NEW thread and give A LOT More information

I have not seen your issue here. You are running your PSU close to it’s limit even with undervolting, 2 pro duo will still be drawing 800 watts. What does it drop hashrate to and what are the temps on both cards?