R9 Fury Thread, results w/ driver, miner, settings, combo

Hi All,

I see that the R9 Fury (especially the sapphire Nitro) is a popular card in the community, I have 4 myself. However, I keep finding myself digging through many threads to cull out some information on it. I just thought it would be nice to bring the owners together to talk about it.

I had AMD 16 drivers, using Optiminer 1.5 in Ubuntu, got about 440-460 h/s per R9 Fury.

Care to share your setups and results so we can figure things out? Find optimal settings, etc.

type of R9 Fury
current driver
current miner
current OS
current hashrate (per card)

IE, my setup:

-Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro
-optiminer 1.5 (I’ll upgrade soon, was just so busy with worklife)
-Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  • about 440-460 hash rates per card

Cheers to the fellow R9 Fury owners out there! Let’s collaborate!

im going to buy some n9 furys. nice money/hash ratio.

XFX R9 Fury
Claymore 12.3
Windows 7
450 sol/S per card

R9 fury asus strix
Claymore 12.3
Windows 10
460ish sol/s per card with a slight OC

5- R9 Fury and 2- Fury X

Version 16.3.2 drivers
Claymore 12.4

Fury = 475-489 (varies per card)

Fury X - 495 to 515
and this is stable

I can make the Fury’s do 495 to 503 but unstable, and crashes software which triggers a reboot anywhere from 2 to 7 hours.

I can make the Fury X’s 520 to 536 but again unstable and crashes software which triggers a reboot anywhere from 2 to 7 hours.
All enhancements done in claymore config file

If heat isn’t an issue for you, go Fury’s, if you want to cut down on the heat and have the extra $$ PLEASE do the fury x’s… they are quieter than the regular Fury’s and mine NEVER get about 51c

I forgot to mention about modding the R9 Fury’s.

Mine is stock.

I haven’t shopped around for Fury X’s, but when I did look at the prices they were going for about double of what a regular Fury was going for.

Thus the R9 Fury seemed like a great deal for the performance (bang per buck). I could buy two for the price of one Fury X.

The price isn’t like that now (03/23/2017) but it is still $75.00 to $125.00 usd more for the X’s over the standard Fury.

I have 5 Fury’s and 2 Fury x’s. At the time there wasn’t a lot on the forums about the speed difference and etc. I can clock them to about 15-20 sol difference, with the X’s being higher, so price wise yes, you are better with the Fury’s on price per sol’s. HOWEVER the Fury x’s do A LOT less heat, and less power then the Fury’s.

So if you pay for power and running 6 or 7 GPU system and you are not under volting the Fury’s, spend the extra $$$

Strictly my opinion*

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@CitricAcid Here in the US, I can’t find the Fury X available anywhere, and it seems like the price premium is still up there around $599 per card.

On another note…anyone know how to revert back to the old driver in Windows??? Stupid AMD reLive upgraded me to the newest driver when I reinstalled Windows 7…

I didn’t see an option to download an older driver, I want to get driver 15.12 on there, is there a repository? Perhaps I missed it, but I did not see it on the AMD driver website, only the option to get their software which will automatically download the latest stable.

I’m using Optiminer 1.7 on Windows 7 to experiment and see that my hash rates suck, about 300 h/s per R9 Fury, which is abysmal, especially considering that I got about 450h/s in linux.

I’m trying to use Windows at this point due to simplicity, but I might revert back to linux.

**edit: nevermind, haha… silly me, I have the 15.20 driver CD in the box… I was using linux and never bothered/cared about the cd in the box… so at least I have 15.20…

Really silly question, but does the R9 Fury throttle?

I have switched back to Linux(I had it on a separate HDD), with my untouched setup, and now I’m only getting about 220 h/s…

I was trying to think, why is my setup slower than when it was in the Winter? … then it occured to me… does the R9 Fury throttle due to temps? Are you guys experiencing this too? Anyways around it?

Don’t forget about power. You can get a 1070 for $330 that will push the same hash with 110 watts.

Hi from where u can get a 1070 for 330$ can u give me a link please I bought them Gigabyte 1070 G1 for 500 Eur each :wink:

You would be very correct that in the public markets Fury X’s seem to be far and few between. I am in the states and my local Computer Warehouse seems to be able to get things when I need it. Some times there is a 7 to 10 day lead time, but they still get it. Now for the price… right now I would venture to say there are backup around the 500.00 range due to supply. If you were looking at getting two, then just get the duel radeon pro… its $799.00 and is two Fury X’s in one card.

Now the older Driver, this I can help with

Go to http://support.amd.com/en-us/download and select your card/os/ etc… you said windows 7 and I will assume 64b, so … now when that page opens, look on the far right hand side and select (under helpful links) download previous drivers & software… scroll down and choose your poison…

from personal experience, only use the Crimson, never the relive.

It is possible that its holding on to the windows drivers/mismatch version… run the DDU and do a fresh install

Not with Linux, but I have had a simular issue with windows

You can get this one with a free game for 379 US
GTX 370 with game

and 385.00 us after rebate

1070 g1

can you post your config? for 475 fury and 489 fury x?

im struggling with them having only 420 and 440 :frowning:

claymore 12.4 and 16.3.2 drivrs stock cloks

what intensity are you using?

what algorithm?

Try with 15.12 drivers

Yes I run my Sapphire Furys and my Nanos with 15.12 drivers.

ones from tech guru? i suppose i need to ue amdclean instaltool before?

Just get it directly from the AMD site, then you know they are legit and clean

and yes you always want to run the DDU in safe mode for a clean uninstall

I’m using 16.3.2 on my Fury’s

and if you post your config, I can give you a suggestion or two to add/change

ok. with pleasure :slight_smile: what do you want to know apart from i already posted ? :slight_smile: