Sapling activation livestream info!

Hello everyone! To celebrate Sapling, the Zcash Foundation is hosting a livestream. Participants will include a handful of ZcashCo employees and other community members as well.

Since Sapling is currently projected to activate around 6:30pm PT (UTC-07:00), I scheduled the livestream to run from 4pm to 8pm PT. If I need to make radical adjustments to that time window, I’ll let you all know by posting in this thread.

We’re going to use Google Hangouts for the livestream. It’s not ideologically ideal, but Hangouts integrates well with YouTube… which is still the main place that people watch video content of all kinds. Hangouts also accommodates a fairly large number of participants if you have a G Suite account (and the Foundation does).

Here’s the link: Sapling Activation Party Livestream - YouTube

(Probably won’t show you anything yet.)

I hope that some of you will come hang out :slight_smile: Put it on your calendar!


I’ve been wondering if there is any Sapling Activation party going on in Denver/Boulder, haven’t seen anything yet


Just sent a newsletter about this — join the newsletter if you haven’t already. Be there or be square, etc.


Looks like it has slipped quite a bit so likely needs updating unless there is a sudden surge - still 749 blocks to go which puts it currently out to 23:40 PT.

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yeah block interval time is varying wildly right now

If you were looking at the Sapling page, there was a caching bug in the datafeed earlier. Looks like it’s cleared, and the estimate is back to October 29, 2018 02:00am UTC / October 28, 2018 7:00pm PDT

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Ah thanks! I was checking on the Sapling page but also cross-referenced against but I guess that’s where the site was getting the info from :thinking:

We’re liiiiiive! Sapling Activation Party Livestream - YouTube


Sapling is active!!!

Send to me at: