Sapling-ready WinZEC v2.0.1 released

I’m pleased to announce that version 2.0.1 of WinZEC is now available and is Sapling-ready for the network upgrade on October 28th!

See and be sure to upgrade by the end of Monday, Oct 22nd, as that is when the previous release self-deprecates and stops working.


Jane MercerWeiss
Denver, CO


Thank you so much, it was absolutely needed and I’ll be happy to install and use it!
Great work as usual!


there’s a bug that keeps new installs from working while upgraded systems are fine, working on a fixed version

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New version that works with new, and not just upgrade, installs of winzec-2.0.1.msi with an sha256 hash of 5af58afaf1e21f8d786d0c55ecafe542aa75d637483bef59ac2e50ef33e101a4
is up at


Great job, Jane !
Thank you for your involvement and for making ZEC accessible to Windows basics users.


Commenting to bump this thread as there are only 405 blocks, or less than 7 hours, until Zcash 1.1.2 self-deprecates, including WinZEC 1.1.2, so everyone needs to make sure they are upgraded ASAP


The second day I can not install 2.0.1 of WinZEC. I’m stuck on such a screensaver “demon is taking longer than to start …”. What am I doing wrong? How to fix?

can you start it up and then post the last 20 or so lines of the file %AppData%\Zcash\debug.log when that error pops up?


'm going to try now…

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Dumped the file to the mail.

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got it, need to go grab something to eat then will get back to you on it

Ok! Enjoy your meal!

Good afternoon. I have the same problem. Where to send the last lines from the debug file.log?

and I’d try it after a fresh reboot, too

can you restart the system and before launching WinZEC delete or rename the debug.log file before starting it, and then when the error pops up send the new debug.log file?

there wasn’t much to go on, it looks like zcashd.exe just…stopped :frowning:


After rebooting the system, I deleted the file debug. Then launched WinZec. I sent out drains from the new debug file to e-mail.

got it…both your systems have the same symptom, and the only thing I can see in common is that you have non-ASCII usernames, which WAS a problem in really old versions of Zcash that seems like it might have popped up again :frowning:

I’ll have to look at the zcashd code and ping the Zcash dev team

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The previous version of WinZec worked fine.

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yeah I know, but the 2.0.0+ releases of Zcash are loading new parameter files, and it is doing SOMETHING different with handling file paths (I can tell from looking at the debug.log @Gari sent me, which has 1.1.2 and 2.0.1 stuff in it)

having to go and “use the source” as it were and see wtf is being done differently inside zcashd itself

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hey @Jekis and @Gari, it looks like its the new rust code for Sapling that’s blowing up…can you both run the following command (hit the Windows key, type cmd.exe, hit enter, and that’ll open a command prompt):


It’ll return a number for the codepage, which is what character set and encoding your machine is using