WinZec is available (Zcash4win update)
The download is available, I’m at work I can’t mess with it right now


Can you transfer all your transactions from Zcash4win to WinZec?

Tx for the PSA…

I’m so happy that I got a Trezor and Ledger Nano S hardware wallet that I can use for Zcash.

Ensure your using java 8, it took care of that daemon too long problem for me on zcash4win

Idk, wont be able to play with it till tonight

Three questions:

Is it stable?

Can I install it on a pc that has Zcash4win on it?

Could I import keys from Zcash4win? I know this is a borderline stupid question but… yea.

I did almost that :

I deleted Zcash4win before installing WinZec and cleaned manually all residual folders (including BLOCKS-CHAIN C:\Users<>\AppData\Roaming\Zcash)

I was able to import the former Wallet by importing the private key (I got an error but the wallet is there)

Looks stable so far…

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I’ve successfully installed this on a Virtual machine and am now d/l’ing the blockchain. However, I cannot get this thing to run on another real PC after a brand new installation. Java isn’t needed to run this since the virtual machine doesn’t have it installed.

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I’ve just uninstalled zcash4win then install WinZec everything works normal ,maybe this help

You know i didnt even consider a VM, clever!

really only a unistall, install of the WinZec!?

Yes , it worked for me like an wallet update :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the work that has gone into this and will give it a try shortly but please serve the domain over SSL -

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I noticed that too but all day ive been really wondering why a fennec?!

may i ask what’s new in WinZec? and what’s the point changing wallet to WinZec right now? i still don’t get it :frowning:

Didn’t they say it was to clean up the code to make it easier for updates and scalability?

  1. uninstall zcash4win
  2. install winzec

I did not clean out any folder or delete any files. It installed fine and my balance are there.


did the same on my test PC with Windows 10:

uninstalled zcash4win via control panel
installed winzec

everything fine, balance up to date and synchronizing.
no need of restarting the PC after uninstall.

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Can confirm, works well with uninstall zcash4win and installing winzec.

Simple process, no need to restart, or clean other files.

BUT… I did back-up my private keys, I suggest people do the same in case anything happens.