Sapphire R9 290 only get 3.6 sol/s

Hi to all of you… i have a problem… i have 3 gpu… 2 xfx 290 and 1 sapphire 290…

The 2 xfx get 16 sol/s and the sapphire only get 3.6 sol/s…

Can you please help me with this…

290 with me 10 solo It is possible to get more but I do not know how

On my 2 xfx 290 i am getting 16 sol/s each… but the sapphire only 3.6


Are you using USB risers?

using google translator:
hello miners do not know if your problem is in the hardware but certainly the miners software are leaving much to be desired mainly in the series R9 200’s (AMD) already’m not so beginner but I am returning to mining and see that at ETH this series of graphic chips are even very competitive but one r9 280 get only 8 ~ 9 sol/s is basically ridiculous and this is still good because it works though all spend the night searching for news on mining AMD chips already participated in many releases I know you’re in beginning but even so the level of the programmers involved was already to have left something better and help more miners.

yeah… i am using it…

Add more RAM into your system and plug in the video card directly into the
PCI-E slot.

my Config:
Windows 8.1
3 USB Riser
3 Sapphire R9 290 ( Core Clok 1100, Mem Clock 1400)
Driver: Non-WHQL-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-16.5.3-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-May21
genoil.exe -c -u WALLET/MINER/MAIL -p z -P 0 -g 0 1 2 -i 20 -w 64 -k zec zec
About 30/33 sol/s each

I hope I was helpful
Bye :smiley: