What Speed does Sapphire Rx 480 8GB GIves

I am thinking to setup a Mining rig with 4 Rx 480 GPU to mine Zcash.

Is anybody using the same GPU.

Is Yes what is the speed that you are getting ?

im getting 15 on one with nheqminer

sol/s but thats nheqminrt and only just installed. downloading new drivers and have a mess with the clocks now

getting 29 with latest drivers on genoil miner

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I average 25 Sol/s with an rx480 4G on Win 10 using genoil for comparison. I’m also mining with the CPU at the same time, so I could maybe get closer to 30, but the CPU does over 5 Sol/s :slight_smile:

genoil sol rate is up at down like a yo yo


also i had to bridge my 6 pin pci connector to a 8 pin

Run Zogminer. I’m getting 36-38 H/s per card.

zogminer is linux only though

Currently though I’m not seeing any appreciable difference (like 1-2 H/s) between this and more power hungry cards like R9 390 and R9 Fury so these cards are great at the moment. Not sure what’ll happen in the future though :slight_smile:

Sure but also available on ethOS and soon to be zogOS so it’s pretty much plug and play.

ok getting 30-40 s/sec on newest genoil

will try zog to compare

If you are getting that then you are not going to do any better. I was comparing to earlier quotes at 15-25H/s. Mine are all rock solid at 36-38 H/s so not really a significant improvement on 30-40 (though that’s quite a range!)

okay hit 40 once settled at 30 so ill try zog