RX 480 only 10 Sol/S Help

Can anyone help me?

I am running a multiple card rig but my RX 480 8GB is acting weird

Other cards are 290X and 290. running stable on +/- 25 Sol/s

But my 480 is acting weird and only giving max 10 sol/s.

How is this possible?

Are you using powered risers?

I have one RX480 directly in my Motherboard - gets 30S/s most the time
Others are on USB 3.0 Powered Risers and they jump from 10-25S/s all the time.

Are you able to try one GPU directly on the Motherboard to see if you get anywhere closer to 30S/s?

Yes i am using an usb powered riser. Currently no 16x slots available on Mobo. will buy a new one and post the results.

good evening may you tell me what program are you using for minning with the rx 480_ and what configuration are you using please. HELP ME!

what brand rx 480 are you using?

Rx 480 Nitro OC 8GB Sapphire

I am using Asus Rx 480

I’m using 2 * rx 480 with about 2 * 30-35 Sol/s = 60-70 Sol/s i am using the genoil miner 0.6 with those settings: -P 1 -g 0 1 -k zec zec -f 1