Search ZCASH xpub to receiving/change address converter

i´m looking for a simple tool/script, preferably in python or php, to generate my receiving-/change-addresses from my xpub key. …so that i can integrate it into a webapp.

i found many tools and scripts, more complex for bitcoin itself for that, but i dont know how to do it for zcash.

I know there is a BIP32 derivation path like m/44’/0’/0’/0 for bitcoin and m/44’/133’/0’/0 for zcash.
Thought i can use the bitcoin tools to generate the zcash addresses, just by changing the derivation path, but so far, these scripts are not clear enough to me, that I could implement that quickly.

maybe someone can help me, to understand what´s necessary and how to do that.

Thanks and best regards,

This is a related ticket that you might want to add you comments to: ZIP32 API binding for PHP · Issue #3894 · zcash/zcash · GitHub