Seeking speakers and volunteers for the Defcon LV Monero Village!

Hello Zcash community! My name is Justin, and I’m tasked with finding and selecting speakers and volunteers for the Monero Village at Defcon! This is a large annual hacker conference in Las Vegas in early August. There is a large and growing overlap in these communities, and I encourage everyone interested to apply.

The theme this year is Monero: The Foundations of Digital Money. We are stressing the multidisciplinary aspect of Monero and cryptocurrencies, so please apply even if you work on stuff outside of the code.

You can find the application under “CFP” at The application is so new that the website doesn’t even have TLS yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Applications are due June 3. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them here!


How can I get to this private event if I’m a regular cryptocurrency user?