[Livestream Discussion] Future of Zcash block reward

I would like to invite Zcash community stakeholders to participate in a livestreamed video discussion on the future of Zcash’s block reward after ~November 2020. I have prepared a sophisticated financial model, so we can test various burn rates, block reward rates, and price volatility for different entities. Example entities could include the Electric Coin Company and Zcash Foundation, which currently receive a portion of the Zcash block reward.

At the time of writing, there are 13 proposals. I will take all of these proposals and account for them in my financial models. We will then discuss all of them during the livestreamed session.

This session will allow various members of the Zcash ecosystem to express their point of view on how Zcash block reward funds should be allocated. We hope to answer questions and make this whole process more transparent.

The event will take place Sunday, August 4 at 11:00am CDT (16:00 UTC). The link is below:

I will be completing financial reports for all of the proposals linked in the megathread. If you prefer to submit one anonymously, you can email me at first@last.org, pulling my name from my profile. All remotely reasonable submissions submitted before Friday, August 2 are guaranteed to be considered.

This will probably be a long session, so be prepared to participate for a long time. However, given the current proposed decision timeline and the complexity of the discussion, it’s important that we start soon and strong. This may be the first of many discussions.

All stakeholders are invited, but I will be moderating the discussion. The Zcash Foundation has pledged to have representatives attend the meeting. For those who do not want to participate over audio and video for whatever reason, please comment directly on YouTube.

Disclosures: I have never received direct compensation from the Zcash block reward, and I do not foresee receiving any in the future. I organize the Monero Community Workgroup.

More details to come. Please send me feedback so that we can make this event inclusive and meaningful.

Please participate in one of the other open forum topics for everything not related to the livestream.


Thank you, Justin! I will definitely be there, and hopefully others from ZF can join as well. I will start spreading the word on social media tomorrow.


ZCash developers should for for free. Monero is open source and has no dev fund. Howard Chu has never even asked for FFS fund.

thank for bumping the thread, this will be a very interesting livestream +++

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Here is a link to the spreadsheet I made that you can use to download and play around with:


Thanks again man, that was really cool


That was much better than I thought it would be. Thanks man. You are a really good moderator/host.