Curious if any interest in 7000H/S farm

I’m just seeing if there would be interest in a 7000H/S mini farm if I were to sell AND if so, what a fair price would be

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i would assume he was talking about his mining equipment that he wants to sell?

op post more info, hardware, how old etc

Hmm, after you create the 512 indices solution to the equihash wagnor algo, you then hash it to see if it is a valid target. So is it really a solution or is it really a hash regardless of how the proof of work was involved to obtain the hash. There has been a lot of discussion on this already.

Sorry for off topic

This post is full of WRONG!

Those prices arent accurate.

Mixmaster was offering up his farm for sale and has nothing to do with cloud mining,
Are you located in U.K. Mixmaster and what hardware is your farm running?

Sorry located in Canada
Asrock h81pro btc
8 gb ram g1840 80 gb ssd

i guess you don’t really want to sell it as your only posting a very basic minimum of info

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Thats the info and hashrate, what else do you need LOL… Plus I’m just curious,

well, how many cards etc

53 Cards, 9 rigs…

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I’d say be happy if you get 500 euro per rig.

Interested. I’ll message you

WIll seperate.
$110 plus ship per card
Would like to sell mobo ram cpu and SSd together ( offer up )
ax1200 $150 plus ride

Asrock h81 pro btc
Intel 80gb SSD and G1840 CPU 8 GB ram
AX1200 PSU
R9380 4gb Gigabyte
This setup times (x) 9 Looking for $1100 plus the ride each OBO Come with all boxes and transferable warranty :slight_smile:

If you wanna buy a rig.
The SOL rate is 945