Selling (5) NITRO+ OC RX 470 8GB, 1300 G2 PSU, gpuShack mining frame

All five cards already have a flashed BIOS (27-28MH/s ETH/245-255H ZEC/700H/s XMR) @ ~80W - $180 USD/ea
Please note these cards have the backplate on them too for better cooling (normally $220-$250 USD)

1300 G2 EVGA PSU like new condition with all cables included - $120 USD (listed on ebay for $130)

gpuShack 6 GPU black alum (pre-drilled) mining frame - SOLD

Please let me know if you are interested. I will split shipping with you 50/50.

I prefer PayPal, but I will accept crypto or escrow type services.

EDIT: I am in the United States, Illinois specifically.

EDIT 2: If you buy the last 2 GPUs and PSU, I will sell for $450 and pay for shipping in the US.


Always a good idea to say where you are in the world as someone from the opposite side of the world would find the delivery/postage prohibitively expensive and cheaper to source new locally.

Do you ship to the Netherlands?

@Vizenre @zij Sorry about that. I am in the US (Illinois). I will ship to Netherlands, yes.

Do you know how much that would cost?

Doing a very rough calculation it would be around 60 USD. So if we split it it would be 30 each. It all depends on the weight of the package of course. What were you interested in purchasing?

I am thinking about the psu and videocards

Do you know how much does the shipping of 1 or 2 GPUs to Mexico costs?

Pm me your postal code and I will let you know. Thanks

4 remaining.
PSU available.
Frame pending information swap.

4 remaining (2 being considered).
PSU available.
Frame SOLD.

PMed my offer. 20chars

2 remaining (2 being considered).
PSU available (available on ebay for more than listed here)
Frame SOLD.

For the remaining 2 GPUs, if you buy the last 2 I will sell for $350 and free shipping in the US.

If you buy the PSU as well, I will bundle it all for $450, free shipping.

1 GPU still available.
PSU still available.

Is the PSU still available

GPU still available?