[FS] asus 470 4gb 9 pieces

i have for sell
one of the best card for zcash mining

asus 470 4gb

price for each one 180 euro
shipping from europe

pm me for details and photos

From where in europe?

where are you from??

Ill give you 1500 for the lot, but you will have to ship them to India.

what you mean 1500???

1500 euro?

i sell it all 1620 euro
is new card and the price is very good
i can ship it to india with register airmail

1550EUR and ill pay in bitcoins.

1600 euro is best price for all
paid btc is ok

Is this the Asus Strix?

If so its the worst 470 because you can’t properly undervolt it. Its also 6 pin PCIe instead of 8 pin PCIe.

Wattman doesn’t work on it.

Wattman is a pain. :sleeping:

Try WattTool for undervolting. Have been playing with this today and hat pretty good results on my Sapphire cards.

Sapphire TRIXX seams to mess up voltages sometimes. :sleepy:

Yeah I made a typo, I meant WattTool. It doesn’t work with this card

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asus 470 has one of the best vrm and was one of the more stable and best card out there

i can buy them for $182 free shipping which would make it 1092 for 6 cards brand new with warranty

where you located?
i sell it for 180 euro
not 180 dollars

where you located to check it?

right now there is even a promo with a free game included which i could sell for $40 on ebay and that would make the cards cost $142 well with ebay and paypal fees it would be 150

sent me link to see it

first of all

here you located?
second if these site is cheaper from me
buy from the site

as they are used i would consider buying them for $100 each including shipping

i did not sell it at these price thanks is used for 2 3 days’

i sell it at 180 euro
buy somewhere else