Selling 5 R9 Nanos on ebay

Hello there, I tried to setup a mining rig but it didnt work out. Im selling my R9 Nanos. The Nanos are among the highest in sol count but use much less power than its bigger cousins. Only 175w to be exact. If interested search for ebay item number 291995245257. Theres 5 of them. Thanks!

It is too expensive , legend. New are a bit more expensive.

I’ve lowered the price.

I’ve made an offer on ebay, how much sol’s one does ?

With claymore at least 300.⁣

@Nefandus Are these still for sale? I can’t find them on eBay.

I relisted them. It’s says I have 3 available but I actually have 4. Search for ⁣291996292702.

@Nefandus thanks! Do you have any documentation saying when you bought them? I might be interested in buying 2 from you.

No, I bought them not longer after they were released but due to procrastination they sat in the unfinished rig United⁣. So they never really got used except when I attempted to get the rig to work several times. Finally I gave up and am now ridding myself of the project.