12 x water cooled custom build mining cards RX580 8GB sale!

I’m selling a 12 GPU rig off I have all 12 x RX580 8gb gpus’ for sale i just listed them on ebay if you guys are interested in getting a pile of 12 gpus’ all ASUS dual I pulled them from my farm as I need some money. they are my best mining cards over a month not one single crash they just work. I had sys cool make me some custom copper billet water blocks that are cleanable if need. Ultra high flow 3/8" inlet and outlet and I have passive DC mosfet cooling.

The coolers along are 60 dollars each. But I can maintain 40c on these cards even in vegas heat.

my ebay store is https://www.ebay.com/usr/mego8605
if you want to make me an offer on all 12 i’d like to sell them as a lot. I hate to sell these as they are some of my best cards however i need some extra funds. I have 1200 gpus in my mine and about 200 of them are these cards they are super dependable. They all have the bios modded for dual eth mining they have the thermal circuitry removed from card so you have to make sure you have adequate water flow or they will nearly instantly burn up. Memory coolers are attached by thermal epoxy from the memory cooling company. The cards came originally with no memory cooling at all the air cooled heatsinks only touched the mosfets and the gpu so now the cards are ultra stable.

Did you have a price you would want to sell them all 12 for?

You want to sell, name your price. RX580’s do appx 300 sol/s. To me, they’re worth at best 300 each. However, since they’ve been modified, I’d expect to pay much less since if they go belly up, I’m stuck with ewaste.

Also, you say you “need money”. Why don’t you sell some ZEC? If your claim that you have 1200 GPUs is true, that means you’re doing ~4ZEC a day. Sell some of of them.

In addition to that, you list no terms of the sale. Here’s a template for you and any others who want to sell should follow:

PAYMENT TERMS: (i.e. paypal, etc)
SHIPPING PRICE: (whether separate or included)
SHIPS TO: (US only, etc.)

You’ve linked ebay, so that helps, but since you’ve offered them here, respect the forum and provide information that helps a prospective buyer AND helps you.

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