Thinking about selling a small rig with 2 4GB RX480s


I’m thinking about selling this a rig I built in November of 2016. I’m curious what you think I should price it at.

It gets about 570 H/s with Claymore’s v12.5 AMD GPU miner (GPU Bios is unmodified). If you mine with the GPUs and the CPU you get 585 H/s @ 420Watts. With the current ZEC/USD, difficulty, and the rate for power in my area I’m making about a penny a day in profit.

For me the rig will never pay for itself ($0.32 per KW/h in my area), so I’m thinking about selling it to someone who can profit with it.

If I mine Ethereum with it runs 44Mh/s @ 355Watts using Claymore’s v9.4 AMD GPU miner and profits about $15/Month.

I have not modded the GPUs in any way, and have been mining with this rig since it was built in late November of 2016.

Here are the details on the hardware:

I built the rig for about $1000 (with taxes and an OEM Windows 10 Professional License).

Any thoughts you have about what I should sell it for would be cool.


If I don’t end up selling it, I’ll just use it to play Starcraft II and mine ETH.