Selling mining farm

I selling my mining farm

I haw 18 Antminer S9 13,5 ths
13 Antminer L3+
8 Antminer T9 10,5 ths
5 Antminer Z9m
10 Antminer V9 4 ths

All miners is with psu and used NOT NEW MINERS
Accept Paypal, bank transwer , crypto
For price we can talk

interested in your Z9ms

Tell me your deall for z9m

ned, 26. kol 2018. 17:35 Osirus twits je napisao:

Please make sure to use a third party escrow, miningfarm is a new user to this forum

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Photos to prove you own the stuff? You joined an hour ago and have few facts in your post.


Except the Z9 Minis, all of those ASICs are unprofitable to run assuming you’re paying avg. electrical prices. Even the Equihash ASICs will soon see their daily profits drop dramatically with all of the new shipments going out between now and October, and buyers will eventually realize they could have accumulated more ZEC by purchasing it outright.