A9 ZMasters and Z9 Minis For Sale

Admin, if this is the wrong location to post this, please move!

I have decided to get out of mining all together. I have 5 Innosillicon A9 ZMasters and 4 Minis for sale. I would like to get some of the money back from where I purchased them. $3K for each ZMaster and a free mini with each for the first 4.

I am in Texas and would really like a local pickup so that you can see them and see them running. However, for people with a history on the forum, I would ship them.

Been mining for a few years first with GPUs and then these. Sold all of my GPUs when everything changed to ASIC.

Let me know what questions you have.


Note to users posting stuff for sale. Generally you should include a timestamp: the item + handwritten note including your username. This shows that the item is legitimate.

Carry on…

I will post a time stamp by this eve.

Thank you.


[edited by root to remove personal information - please contact this user directly to get in contact.]

timestamp image.

This is actually not a proper timestamp. You need to put your written username in the picture as the image of the miner is taken.

For example, the current top post on reddit’s r/hardwareswap has as individual selling a 1070 Ti. This is their timestamp:

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Great example Root!! sometimes you give instructions like reading Stereo instructions :smile:

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Absolutly agree, i think it’s not too much asked that users that want to sell something have to put the following written on a paper next to the item they want to sell:

  • username on the forum here
  • Timestamp
  • and the item itself together with the item on sale on the image/picture.

Easy as hell if someone is honest about selling an item. The picture provided by the topic starter doesn’t proof anything at all as the timestamp is NOT in the pic itself.

Edit: Even thinking about resellers providing more information/pictures as it seems allready some forum members got scammed. Following that everybody not confirming with simple sale rules gets the post instant immediatly deleted. In my opinion protecting forum members should have higher priority than sale offers!


Sorry for delay in getting the proper timestamp posted!


Excellent timestamps. Well done!

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Another thing might be to signify when these are sold, so people don’t come on here a month from now asking you about them.

@root I cannot tell you how many times that has happened to me on reddit lol…

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is this offer still up for sale?

They are still for sale. My email address is wrluna@gmail.com if you would like to contact me directly.


thought I would throw in a 2 week bump to see if this is still an active thread or if it needs to be closed?