60 x Zotac 1070 custom mining cards for sale


Looking for 250 dollars each Paid 400 each last year. I used these for 3 weeks and my utility power system is just not handling the load well.
So i’m trying to sell them for liquidation of 250 each.
they are near new. High output blower models. Zotac put a custom bios on there for overclocking freedom. Easily overclock hundreds of mhz without freezing they will just over heat quicker the higher you go. Ram was designed for over clocking and a Single 8 pin power connector allows for a split cable from riser board to gpu to power supply. I have 1000’s of cards, 240v industrial ATX 1600 - and 2400 watt power supplies, HP 1200W server power supplies, with pcie conversion boards, about 1200 pcie mining cables, split power cables all custom made 18gauge wire, 10 x 12gpu mining boards with ddr 4 ram and intel cpu’s, about 1500 V009s riser boards.
If you need anything else just let let me know i’m liquidating all of it since the utility won’t support us mining on the power any longer.


Where are you located?


Las vegas, Nevada usa


re-posting a link from root about what you should do if you are selling items here.