Selling my 570s and 580s

I have a ~285 Mhs rig made up of 2 mobos and I’m looking to sell it. I can part with just the GPUs but I’d like to sell the whole thing together. Here’s the set up:

Mobo: MSI Z170A M5 (x2)
PSU: Corsair AX1200i (x2)
CPU: Intel G4400 (LGA 1151) 3.3 Ghz (x2)
Ram: Kingston DDR4 2133Mhz 4GB (x2)
SSD: Kingston UV400 SSD 120GB (x2)

GPU1: MSI RX580 Gaming X 4GB (x5)

GPU2: Asus RX570 ROG Strix 4GB (x6)

I live in Canada so I’d like to keep the shipping within North America, PM me if interested.

2 bad I’m not even close to USA/Canada.

You are upgrading to Vega or what?