WTS Canada Paypal 6 GPU mining RIG

Up for sale is one of my rigs, I have to sell due to eletrical issues and I would rather get money and move on… It has been good machine, no issues ( only when I moved to Zcash to try was there software issues :slight_smile:
Asrock H81 Pro BTC
Intel g1840 dual core CPU @2.8Ghz
8gb ddr3 generic ram
80gb Intel SSD with windows 10
6x Gigabyte 4gb R9380 windforce stock @990/1425
Corsair ax1200 PSU
Nice ghetto rig to compliment it… USB risers as well if you like
I think $1500 plus the ride is fair, everyone on eBay and other places are trying for double that.
I would prefer paypal, so both buyer and seller are protected :slight_smile: Thank’s please POST AND PM

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i msg ya im near montreal 40min i might have something to offer

still for sale? …

Dont accept Paypal on a Bitcoin forum ever

Ok, Ill take bitcoin too lol,
I thought with paypal there is protection of both the buyer and seller

Yes it is…

Yes there is protection for the buyer, who can do a chargeback anytime.

Nothing for the seller, you can lose your entire RIG if you sell to the wrong individual. The individual will just say you shipped it an empty box with a rock inside and he will get a full refund.

I can for seller too… Been doing paypal for years now… but thanks for concern :slight_smile:

SOLD… Thanks for all the interest

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