Selling my Artwork (NFT)

Hey everyone :smiley:

You might remember me from previous topics where I showcased some artwork that was commissioned by an anonymous patron. I made an NFT of the first artwork “The Fight”, which technically belongs to this patron but he wants me to sell it in his/her name using Zcash.

To ensure privacy, the buyer is required to send the agreed amount from a shielded address. However, I’m using a taddress so everyone can see how much the NFT sells for.

Feel free to reply with any offers. The auction will last around 7 days after which the highest bid has to send the amount to the following address: t1cEeqYmA3jMzRL7Xp1MX5b1rncpt1pZsN7

The buyer will receive the NFT after I’ve received the payment and an ETH address to send it to (as NFTs are only transferable on the ETH network).

I’m aware that there is a risk to the buyer that I might not send the NFT after they send their Zcash. I’m open to any suggestions that mitigate the risk for interested buyers.

I plan to sell some more NFTs this way so I promise that I will send the NFT to the “winner”.

Here’s my twitter so I can be held accountable: @opaqcarl


Can we make an offer here ^ , or on Rarible, instead? That way, I think, that “smart contract” language will enforce the asset transfer.

Another idea is to use a zcash coinpetition as a platform to place bids: Coinholder Petitions using t-Addresses

Mmh, using opensea or rarible don’t allow Zcash as payment and I’d like to use the shielded transaction feature…

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