ZEC/Crypto mural - San Diego

GM Zcash Humans around the world!

So I have this idea to make a ZEC/Crypto inspired mural and I want your thoughts and ideas so that I can draft something up and one day bring it to life! I have a few murals under my belt (working on one currently actually) and think its time to make one with a crypto focus.

I think it would be great to incorporate things that are crypto/crypto adjacent. Of course, I would like to lean into the privacy side of things (specifically ZEC) with aspects of Guy Faux, Zebras etc. but also have some recognizable things like maybe Craig Wright?

Ideally, after I draft up a design and mock-ups, I will apply for some grant funding to bring it to life. I would love to do it in the city that I live in (San Diego), but I am open to other cities (idk maybe I could do one in Barcelona for ZCON4??) That sounds ambitious but why not!

Let me know your thoughts and if you can think of anything that could be a part of the mural!


I love the idea of Zcash murals and other public art works. I’ve seen Bitcoin art on the streets of a few cities in my travels, mostly in Europe. In my opinion, San Diego is a good place for this because of the large amount of tourism and the nice weather keeps people outside, on the streets, where they are likely to see your work. Any idea which part of SD you’d put this up in? I vote OB!!! :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella:

Paint the Zeal :zebra: :zebra: :zebra:! Lots of zebra pattern and a big fat :zcash:!!

Looking forward to seeing zour mock-ups.


really like dis idea - art is needed - wud it be official with permit to paint right? also location of it wud be key so it fits and also big amount people can see it.

ideas: shields, pools, chains, masks, happy people, cypherpunks (nfts?), pepes, wassies, apes, zebras that disappear into the pattern, barely noticable.

maybe one way also to fund it wud be on free2z.cash wif community funding if no other way goes.


That’s the last thing we need Zcash to be associated with.

I think San Diego would be a great place too! I know that the Edge office is open to me putting a mural inside, but it would be nice to get it outside and public facing!

In that case, I would have to apply for a permit and it would most likely need to have bids from multiple artists in the area. It’s a loose idea and I am currently just working on mock-ups and getting ideas from other web3 peeps!

Thank you for your feedback!!


If it was public facing, then yes I would need permits and other artists would most likely also bid for it (I am learning more about this process as I go and gather ideas)! San Diego is mural rich so I am hopeful that the city would be open!!

Ohh I like the “Zebras that disapear into the pattern” idea! Very creative. Thank you for your feedback!


@joris Nothing is set in stone, it’s a part of the creative process to throw ideas at the wall! Just examples :+1:t3:

Do you have any constructive feedback or ideas that you might think are better?

Murals are costly and time consuming. Also, many people undervalue an artist’s skillset! Funding would cover martial costs, time and - seeing as I am a professional artist - many years of developing my craft!

@ZealWizard please send in your recommendations if you have them!


I like the idea of zebras disappearing into the pattern. Having zero knowledge (:grin:) about art, I’d have a hard time recommending any particular visual element.

I do think think that it should include elements that represent community, everyday uses and if you can find a way to insert something related to “Privacy is Normal”, it would be great.


I’m so glad you said “Privacy is normal” - that is a must!! Maybe in a few languages? That could be cool!

If you think of anything else, please feel free to comment! I think I have a good base on getting a mock-up ready!

Thank you for your feedback!