Sending from A to B. Help needed

Hi guys,

I play with sending coins, in the beta guide I see how to send protected coins, BUT…

  1. Can I send unprotected coins from tmEVtrQGmfMsAS8vJ9b4fiabzgXm7i2qhVk to tmCfXWQTuqrdUGtuh8m7RhTyzrTSM5zYeSs or I always need to send protected coins from A to B?

  2. What is difference between sending protected coins and unprotected?

  3. How to send the unprotected coins? I see the:
    Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub

… but there is only z_sendmany method and it looks quite complicated. I just want to move testCoins as a playground.


The command z_sendmany works with both T addresses and Z addresses. You could send cash: T->T, Z->Z or a mix T/Z->Z/T. z_sendmany is indeed not very convenient to use by typing but then you could use a GUI wallet for convenience …